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YOUR 2023 D2

In 2005, alumni from the University of Tennessee Women’s Rugby Football Club took rugby in Tennessee to the next level by establishing a senior side, the Knoxville Women’s Rugby Club.

Over the past 17 years, the Knoxville Minx have grown to be a fierce competitor in the USA as a Division II Women’s team. The most recent accomplishment includes winning the 2023 DII Women’s National Championship in St. Charles, MO. After finishing second in the 2022 National Championships, the Minx got to work making the adjustments needed to take home the gold. Through strong leadership, clear goal setting, and unwavering dedication, we were able accomplish our goal and are now the reigning champs coming in to the 2024 season.

The recent success of the team is due to a commitment to our core values that include both development of the sport and camaraderie amongst the team. By teaching the sport to new people and ensuring a positive and safe culture in “Minx spaces,” we hope to share our love of rugby to any person interested in joining, no matter the experience level. The Minx stay active year-round, playing 15s in the fall and spring as well as 7s in the summer. Come join us!

Rugby’s awesome. It’s cool.

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