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The first #SummerStrong group session took place at Badgett Field Sports Complex. There's a lot of other social rec sports going on at Badgett so this provides the club with great exposure within the local active sports community. The session was led by long time Possum player Mark Lane and consisted of a dynamic warm up, some agility work and then a fitness test....THE BEEP TEST. After the Beep test the guys finished with 15 minutes of touch. The beep test is a great way for the club to measure where a player is at and the club has set the baseline at lvl 8.8 (which adds up to a mile of shuttles. 80 twenty meter shuttles). To learn more about the beep test click this link.

Beep Test Result

The summer heat and humidity played a major role in the test results. Most of the fitter players struggled to meet the lvl 8.8 baseline. 5 of the 15 particpants met or exceeded lvl 8.8. Captain Chris Wightman finished with the highest score of lvl 10.0 and the team session average was 7.4. Not a bad overall outing and everyone was told there's nothing to be discouraged about. This is just a STARTING POINT. The fact that they came out and put forth the effort in the summer heat is key. If anyone under performed they should use this as motivation to set fitness, dieting and training higher on the list of priorities.


The main purpose of the team sessions is to allow the opportunity for group training. A time where players can come together to encourage and motivate one another during the preseason training. A way to connect and train as a team. The more the players encourage each other during preseason the better the team chemistry will be during matches.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

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