KRFC Teams Up with Ruck Science to Kick Off Pre Season Training

Your Knoxville Possums may be on a brief winter recess, but don’t let that fool you—we’re hard at work to secure the top spot in the True South Union. As part of this goal, we’re happy to announce our new partnership with Ruck Science.

About Ruck Science:

Based in Austin Texas, Ruck Science is a sports nutrition company owned and operated by rugby players, for rugby players. What sets Ruck Science apart is their complete understanding of the game and all that goes into those shining Saturdays on the pitch; with such offerings as quality nutrition supplements designed to increase performance and recovery on and off the field, position specific training guides and workout routines, and diet and exercise plans based around those Tuesday/Thursday practices we all love so much. We’re excited to be working with a company so deeply invested in the rugby community.

About the Products:

If you’re keen to try supplements for the first time, or you’re a long time gym-goer ready for the next level, Ruck Science has you covered. With Training and Recovery Stacks, product bundles, and up to date news on the latest sports nutrition trends, Ruck Science has everything you need to be at the top of your game and to keep us at the top of ours.

About the Partnership:

Every time a player or supporter of Knoxville Rugby makes a purchase from Ruck Science, the club will receive a donation for up to 20% of the value of your order. Which means: the larger the order, the larger the donation. So get a jump start on your holiday shopping or plan ahead for your New Year’s Resolutions and check out the online store today. Every little bit helps and if buying from these guys can benefit the club and guarantee that you’re getting a quality product, we encourage you to at least see what they’re all about.

On the 15th of each month, Ruck Science will tally up all the orders that mention “Knoxville Rugby” during the checkout process and send us a direct PayPal transfer of the donations. For those of you who have been involved in fundraising at a rugby club before, you’ll appreciate how easy this makes life for everyone.  

Not a supplement user? No worries:

Ruck Science has a huge collection of other products including recovery tools, compression gear, and a library full of rugby and fitness resources.

How to get started:

If you want to try out Ruck Science and compare them to other supplement manufacturers – the company suggests you do a couple of these things first to get maximum value:

  1. Sign up for Rucks (their rewards program) and you’ll get $5 to spend before your first purchase.
  2. Check out the sample supplement stack and use code INTROSTACK to get it for just $10.
  3. Remember that code KNOXVILLEINTRO can give you 30% off anything on their whole website.
  4. Enter “Knoxville Rugby” as your rugby club during the checkout process so they know where to send the donations!
  5. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for weekly specials.

We’re excited to explore all this partnership has to offer, and we’re looking forward to a killer spring season. Be sure to visit and check back here for more updates on your Knoxville Possums!

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