Summer Touch

Come join Knoxville Rugby for touch Tuesdays and Thursdays this summer, 6pm at TRP.

It’s $20 per person for the summer to help upkeep the field all summer long.
Check out for more information.

We’re practicing Federation of International Touch (FIT) rules, so if you’re unfamiliar, check out to brush up.

Here are some of the basics, and how they differ from regular touch:

Game Time

  • 20 minute halves, 5 minute halftime.
  • After time expires, End of Play occurs at next dead ball. If a penalty is awarded in that period, it is to be taken.

Field Size

  • Approximately 70 x 50 meters


  • 14 max players per team
    • 6 players on the field per team at a time
    • Minimum of 4 players required
  • Playing uniforms consist of upper apparel, shorts (or briefs for female players) and socks. Appropriate one piece uniforms are allowed. Hats or caps are allowed provided they are safe and meet team uniform requirements.
  • All players are to wear an identifying number not less than 16cm in height, clearly displayed on the rear of the upper garment. Players in a team must not wear the same number. Numbers must be between 1 and 16.
    • No jewellery.
    • Players may wear spectacles or sunglasses provided they are safe and securely attached.


  • A touchdown (try) is worth 1 point.
  • If a player places the ball on the ground and and releases it short of the Scoreline, while attempting to score a Touchdown, a Touch is counted.


  • Each team is entitled to 6 touches before changing possession.
  • If the ball is dropped to the ground it’s a Changeover
  • Ball CAN touch the ground under possession and in control of a possessing player.


  • Touch is one-hand required only.
  • If a player is Touched during the act of placing the ball on or over the Scoreline, the Touch Counts and a Touchdown is not awarded.
  • A Touch includes contact on the ball, hair or clothing and may be made by a defending player or by the player in Posession


  • Restarts are conducted with a roll ball of no more than 1 meter
  • The first person to possess the ball after a roll ball is the half
  • If the half is touched, it’s a Changeover
  • After a score, the team scored against restarts the ball at midfield.


  • The defense must stay back 5 meters during play at each down
  • The defense must stay back 10 meters after a score or to start a game or half
  • Touches made beyond the scoreline will bring the ball back out 5 meters unless it was the 6th down which would be a Changeover.
  • If a defender intentionally touches a ball in flight and does not possess the ball (it goes to ground etc.) the offense receives a fresh 6 downs.
  • When the Half is not in position to retrieve the ball following a Rollball, players of the defending team may move forward as soon as the player in possession releases the ball.
    • If a defending player moves forward and makes contact with the ball, a Change of Possession results and the match recommences with a Rollball at the same Mark.


  • Runners MUST return to the spot of the touch (mark) to restart and roll ball


  • There is no limit to the number of substitutions.


  • The Tap is taken by placing the ball on the ground at or behind the Mark, releasing both hands from the ball, tapping the ball gently with either foot or touching the foot on the ball.

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