Possums Win to Start 2013 Season

On Saturday (September 28th, 2013), 26 Possums traveled to Birmingham to open the 2013-2014 season with a matrix match.  This was Knoxville’s first match of the fall season and the team had only had six practices before the game.  Knoxville started the match with several handling errors that led to turnovers deep inside their territory.  With the good field position and poor defensive alignment Birmingham was able to score 12 unanswered points in the first 20 min. Knoxville quickly changed its game plan to take advantage of their size advantage and kept the ball in the pack in order to keep possession and control the game.  The switch to a simplified game plan helped the Possum’s find their rhythm and wear down the Birmingham pack. The hard work led by Lock/Man of the Match Brian Evans began to take its toll on Birmingham and they began committing costly penalties that led to two yellow cards. With Birmingham down, the momentum started to shift to Knoxville’s favor and the first try of the day was dotted down by center Shaun Shanks who used a viscous forearm smash to crash his way through the Birmingham backline bringing the score to 12-5 in favor of Birmingham at the end of the first half. Knoxville stuck with what was working and kept trying to wear down Birmingham’s defense with short crashes which eventually opened up gaps for longer runs.  The possums scored 12 unanswered points and took a 19-12 lead with 10 minutes left to play. Birmingham, being a tough and experienced team was not about to quit and forced Knoxville to finish the game by playing hard-nosed defense deep in their own territory. When the final whistle sounded Knoxville had hung on for a come from behind victory that saw 5 players take the field for the first time as possums: Darrell Brown (try scorer), Trace Fuller (try scorer), Mike NewcombTJ Walker, and Jacob Franklin. The game proved to be a great start to the season! Next up Heart of Dixie tournament!

Final Score- KRFC 19, Birmingham 12         Halftime score- KRFC 5, Birmingham 12


1-Chad Haynes / Mike Newcomb @ 50 min

2-Paul Drazba / Rob Ellis @ 55 min

3-Raymond Moore / Matt Worsham @ 50 min

4-Brian Evans

5-Josh Ticel / Jonathan Towe @ 50 min

6-Tasman Mcnally / Jacob Franklin @ 60 min

7-Chris Turner / Trace Fuller @ 40 min

8-Wayne Chermely

9-Gabe Woodson

10- Kelly Ingle

11-Steven Miller/Ginger

12-Shaun Shanks / TJ Walker @ 40 min

13-Tanner Cardwell

14-Darrell Brown

15-Panagiotis Tzerefos



16-Trace Fuller

17-TJ Walker

18-Mike Newcomb

19-Matt Worsham

21-Johnathan Towe-  50th min-

20-Rob Ellis

22-Jacob Franklin- 60th min

23-Hayden Williams

24-Randal Hubbs

25-Riley O’Donnell

26-Ben Tatham

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