Possums Lose to Chattanooga

The “Big Yellow School Bus” tradition returned to Knoxville when the Possums traveled to Chattanooga to square off against their longtime rivals on Saturday, March 16th.  The game started off heated between the two sides, with a barrage of forward crashes, scrappy backline play, and numerous tackles resulting in penalties at the breakdown for both sides. The game remained tight for the first 20 min and the score was tied at 10-10 on a PK by Tzerefes and a try by flanker Tyler Smith. Unfortunately for the Possums, it didn’t take long for Nooga’s fast and organized attack to take its toll resulting in a first half hat-trick performance by their speedy winger. The second half began with more of the same with Chattanooga moving the ball wide and scoring on breakaways.  Knoxville was able to gain ground against Nooga’s organized defense but kept coming up empty. In the end Chattanooga’s speed proved to be too much for Knoxville with a final score 56-17.  Next up for the Possums is a rematch against Chattanooga in Knoxville.

1. Haynes Ellis @ 70 Photo Credit:  Todd Doman

2. Jernigan Troxler @ 60
3. Worsham Bogusz @ 60
4. Ticel Mcnabb @ 60, Chermely @70
5. Neuhart  
6. Smith Cuttulle @ 70
7. Troxler Towe @ 65, Michael @70
8. Chermely Smith @70
9. Woodson  
10. Tzerefos  
11. Wallace Lopez @ 50
12. Shanks Tedim @ 50
13. Cardwell  
14. Miller  
15. Feliciano  


Tries: Smith(2)

Conversions: P. Tzerefos (2)

PK: P. Tzeferos (1)

Halftime score: 27-10

Final score: 56-17

Referee: Randal Johnson

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